Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Brag Time

I looked up the rules of bragging, and it has been deemed perfectly acceptable to brag about your kids on your own blog.  So here goes. 
 We had Parent/Teacher conferences last week, and Michael is doing well in 2nd grade.  He has a really great teacher again (we have only had great teachers!), and he is learning a lot.  Michael is one of the top readers in his grade.  He receives modified instruction for reading, and he scored a 5.7 IRL (Independent Reading Level) using the STAR Enterprises reading assessment, which is the 99th percentile and equivalent to a 6th grade reading level.  On the PALS assessment, Michael scored a 68, and the benchmark is 35.  Math is also a strong subject for Michael, and his teacher noted that he is very strong in mental math.  He gets frustrated showing his work when he can calculate it in his head.  
His reading teacher noted that he is sometimes disruptive and makes distracting noises during independent work. See above picture.  
Michael likes recess and PE the best (as always), and enjoys having boy classmates to play rough with during recess.  

Kate has the same Kindergarten teacher that Michael had in Kindergarten, which is great because we love her.  She is simply wonderful, and both my kids have adored her and her class.  Kate is doing wonderfully in Kindergarten.  She scored 102 out of 102 on her PALS assessment, and the fall benchmark is 28.  Kate's teacher said she did so well on her standardized testing that she decided to let her keeping going to see how far she could go.  On the first grade reading assessment, she scored 100%.  On the 2nd grade reading assessment, she scored 100%.  On the 3rd grade reading assessment, she scored 100%.  When she got the the 4th grade assessment, she missed a few, so the teacher stopped testing her at that point.  
Kate is my little perfectionist, and I knew she would love school.  She is really enjoying having girls to play with at school, as she is surrounded at home by brothers, and she is warming up to her class, as she has always been a bit shy.  Her best friend at school is Madeline B.

Not to leave David out- he is learning his alphabet and each sound, and he is doing very well.  He can count up to 20, with an occasional skipping around in the 'teens.  He gets to accompany me on my daily chores and errands, but his favorite thing is having Mommy all to himself to play trains, legos, or Hex Bugs.  He loves to watch PBS kids, Little Einsteins, and Cars, and he is really good at playing computer games.  David enjoys Thursdays, as we host a ladies' Bible study here, and he gets friends to play with.  
In the above picture, David practices his squats during a workout.  Good form, buddy!

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