Monday, November 04, 2013

Dentist Check-ups and Haircuts

The kids have a half-day today, as tomorrow is election day (with no school for the kids, but parent-teacher conferences), so we made dentist appts and got haircuts for the boys.  
David was doing okay until the hygienist came in and put the spit bib on him.  He said so sweetly, "Mommy, I'm scared."  I held his hand, and the hygienist took about 5-10min to show David every instrument and what it did.  She let him tasted the polish, and she let him touch the suction and the rotating brush.  He did great! 

 But he held my hand the entire time.  
The other two were done simultaneously, and they did great by themselves.  
No cavities for anyone!

Michael and David got haircuts today, too.  Michael wanted a mohawk, so we settled for just a styled mohawk with a regular cut. ;-)  He also wants to go platinum blonde with hair dye.  Seriously, when did this boy get so grown up?!

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