Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas 2013

Due to my work schedule and our Christmas travel plans, we opened presents today, on Christmas Eve
The kids were so excited to open their stockings. 

David wanted to dive into each gift right after he opened it.  We had to convince him to come back and open more presents.  He also ate a LOT of candy. 

Michael loves presents.   

David (with a mouth full of candy) opens one of his favorite gifts- a Cars storybook.  

 Michael loves Legos

Crafty Kate enjoys opening art projects 

Trains for David (more candy in his mouth) 

Michael got a scooter. So excited! 

Kate got a stamp set.  She loved this and the .99c Modeling Clay the best.   

Disney's Planes 

Cinderella (who fits with her Polly Pockets) 

 Michael loved his Harry Potter DVD collection.  I got a great deal on he movie set, and Michael is almost done with the complete book series.  

David got a new Thomas track.  Yay, toys! 

The living room aftermath.  What a fun morning!

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