Monday, December 16, 2013

Library Christmas Party

Our library had a Colonial Christmas Open House last Wednesday, and we took the kids to enjoy a Christmas party from days of yore.  
We have so many historic places around this area, and we were able experience exhibits from a lot of the historians who work at area museums.  

 At James Monroe Museum exhibit, the kids were able to design their own coat of arms (Michael) and fine chinaware (Kate).  David ate a cookie.  
Consequently, I discovered that I should have been born in the days of the bustle.  

The kids made a leather jingle bell bracelet with the Patawomeck Indians

The kids wagered and won at cards with a tavern wench (her words, not mine!) from the Rising Sun Tavern, and they made tricorne hats with the ladies from Kenmore Plantation. One disadvantage of the tricorne hats in colonial days was that the soldiers would accidentally knock their hats off when they would put their muskets on their shoulders.  The lady said that the soldiers often would be found with their hats slightly off-center to avoid this inconvenience.  I never noticed this in pictures before, but sure enough...
I can tell that these ladies really enjoy history, and they are very good at their jobs.  

Santa was there, too.  

We had a lovely time, and enjoyed cookies and cider when we were done.
Have I ever mentioned how much we love our library?

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