Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Michael's 8th Birthday

Michael turned 8 on Saturday, and we had a fun day celebrating!
He is not 62 years old. :-)  I made him do math since I didn't have an 8.  

The night before, we celebrated by staying up late watching movies (while reading books!)  I entered a contest for free stuff, and I won a free night at the Homewood Suites, so we used it to enjoy something different (and free breakfast!) 

We let Michael pick out a book at Barnes & Noble.  He thought that was THE best! 

Of course, a trip to the bookstore or the library is never a quick stop. 

Afterward, we headed to Fun Land.  For fun.   

The kids all enjoyed it! 

David plays Guitar Hero, complete with rocker tongue.  (David is still young enough to "play" the games without me actually feeding the machine.  I hope this lasts a while!)  

Kate made this Spiderman mug for Michael at Pots and Palates. She used one of her items as a gift for her brother.  He loves it, and she loves that he loves it.  Sweet, thoughtful girl!  

This is Michael's favorite new shirt from his favorite new place to eat- In-N-Out Burger.  He asked for In-N-Out Burger for his birthday lunch, but he had to settle for his second choice, Papa John's Pizza.  

He chose Strawberry Cheesecake for his birthday cake.  Good taste, buddy!  

 That night, we found we we had left Bear at the Homewood Suites.  It was difficult, but David did go to sleep eventually on Saturday night.  I took my dinner break at work on Sunday night to go get Bear, which the housekeeper had saved and brought to the front desk.  I took this picture so David would know that I was taking good care of Bear at work.  
It's hard to believe that Michael is 8!!  One more year until he is half-way to an adult!  How can the years be going so quickly?!

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