Friday, January 31, 2014


Michael came home with an assignment that included using reasoning to solve Sudoku puzzles. 
I have never done these puzzles, so Jon did the first few with Michael to show him how, and then I downloaded an app to learn Sudoku puzzles.  They are pretty fun, and they surely require a good bit of logical thinking and reasoning.  I wish I had these kinds of fun assignments in school!

Educational Update

David and I have been enjoying our time alone together during the day. One of David's favorite things to do is puzzles.  And let me tell ya- we do LOTS of puzzles every day.  Some are fun and some are educational, but either way, puzzles are good for problem solving and for spending time together. 
 David has been doing well with his letters and numbers.  He is starting to put together short-vowel words and sound them out.  He loves to be read to, as well.  

This sweet girl is so sad when snow days come around because she misses a day of Kindergarten.  She is quite the student, this girl!  She picks up pretty quickly on the concepts she is being taught at school, but I think she just really likes the structure and the community that school provides.  

Michael has started a program at school that is designed to challenge kids who need more work past the normal curriculum.  He is enjoying the extra assignments and the focus on research and logic.  He recently finished the Harry Potter series, and now he is reading The Hobbit.  Books bring new adventures every day!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Basketball Players

Michael and Kate are both playing Upward Basketball this winter.  
Kate is the only girl on her team, and one day during practice, she gather the boys all together and informed them that "it is NOT polite to push."  I guess we need to have a talk about boxing out.  

She sure does look cute practicing, even if she can't even get it close to the hoop when she shoots.

Michael has learned a lot about basketball, and he enjoys the energy outlet.  It's fun to watch him learning to focus that energy into a team sport.  


During one of our snow days, the kids decided that they wanted to plan a store and a restaurant for the homeless shelter.  They wanted people to be able to get what they needed, even if they didn't have money. 
 Kate did the meal planning.  Notice how everything says, "free."
Michael did the wallpaper design. 

They worked long and hard on this project. 

And the collaborated quite a bit.

I love these kids, and I hope they keep their compassionate hearts.

More Snow

The kids have missed all this week because of snow.  Monday was MLK Jr day, so they were scheduled to have that day off anyway, but Tues-Fri were cancelled because of snowy/icy, slick roads.  We managed to get 2 play-dates in this week, so that has helped, but the kids are a little stir-crazy.  Michael helped shovel the driveway with Jon, and Kate tried to play in the snow, but she lasted about 1.5 minutes before she said she was too cold. David didn't even want to try playing, which I understand. I never liked playing in the snow.  
Tomorrow is basketball day, and both Michael and Kate have their first basketball games.  That ought to be fun to watch. More to come on that soon.  

Friday, January 17, 2014

Girls' Day

Kate and I had  Girls's Day last night.  
 Me and my sweet girl 

We went to see the movie Frozen, which was really good.  Kate was enjoying it, despite her facial expression above.   

Afterward, we went to enjoy a sweet treat at Panera. 

Kate got a cherry croissant, and I got a cinnamon crunch scone (which was AMAZING!)

I'm thankful for the relationship I have with my only girl and for the fun, special memories that we can create together.  

Michael, the Scientist

Michael had a project at school where he had to think of a machine he would like to build, design it, and make a prototype.  He decided to build a Time Machine. 
He said it would be for mice and rats, then later he would make one for humans.  

He had some interesting ideas, including the use of electrocution to aid in transport between dimensions.  I think he might have seen one-too-many Dr Who episodes.  

David Snuggler

This little boy often joins us in bed at some point in the night. 
I think all of our kids went through this stage, but David is by far the least disruptive when he snuggles with us.  Half the time, I don't know he's there until I wake up in the morning.   

If I wake up, which is rare, I snuggle him for a little bit, then send him back to bed. But he's still and quiet, and he's a great snuggler, so we don't mind.  :-)  Sometimes, the rest of us get up and ready, and he just snoozes on.  Such an easy-going little guy!

Sick Day

Michael went to the school nurse on day after getting a scrape the day before.  He was concerned that he had lost too much blood.  
I'm sure Nurse Amy sees a lot of things that make her smile 

Michael did have a stomach virus that bought him a day home from school.  

But it was short-lived and he would have been back at school the next day if not for the ice storm that kept all the kids home that Friday. 

More Snow Days

We have had some snow, sleet and ice in the last couple weeks, and since the buses have to drive down very twisty back roads to get to school, they have cancelled school a few days because of weather.  It sounds silly some days with the small amount, and people like to complain, but one day when Stafford schools closed because of ice and a nearby school system went on a 2-hour delay, a bus full of children slipped on ice and crashed.  So I am thankful for the extra precautions.  We try to do fun things on winter-weather days. 

Shoveling (thankful for Jon and Michael who clear the way when I have to work!) 



More Puzzles 


Saturday, January 04, 2014


We got a little snow on Thursday night, and the temperatures got very chilly over.night.  Due to ice and slippery conditions, the kids got a snow day today.