Friday, January 31, 2014

Educational Update

David and I have been enjoying our time alone together during the day. One of David's favorite things to do is puzzles.  And let me tell ya- we do LOTS of puzzles every day.  Some are fun and some are educational, but either way, puzzles are good for problem solving and for spending time together. 
 David has been doing well with his letters and numbers.  He is starting to put together short-vowel words and sound them out.  He loves to be read to, as well.  

This sweet girl is so sad when snow days come around because she misses a day of Kindergarten.  She is quite the student, this girl!  She picks up pretty quickly on the concepts she is being taught at school, but I think she just really likes the structure and the community that school provides.  

Michael has started a program at school that is designed to challenge kids who need more work past the normal curriculum.  He is enjoying the extra assignments and the focus on research and logic.  He recently finished the Harry Potter series, and now he is reading The Hobbit.  Books bring new adventures every day!

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