Monday, February 03, 2014

2014 Upward Basketball

The 2 older kids had their first basketball games last week, and they sure were fun to watch.  I can tell that they have improved even in the few weeks they have been playing.  
 It's cute to watch Kate guard her person on man-to-man defense.  She often guards her man on offense, too. 
It's not unusual for Kate to wave and sign "I love you" to me about every 5 minutes every practice or game. 

She still can't quite get it up to the rim yet, but she sure gets effort points. 

And extra points for being adorable.  

Kate is the only girl, but she is used to being in the midst of brothers, so it doesn't phase her.  

Michael's league is a lot more fun to watch.  Lots of action and more scoring.  Michael has improved greatly, and his last game was really great.   He scored 8 points, and he had lots of rebounds.  
Praying before the game 

Michael is learning to use his size to get rebounds.   

We are so glad that Michael got good coaches this year.  He has learned so much from them, and we appreciate all their hard work!!

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