Tuesday, March 18, 2014


On one of our many snow days, we made cookies.  
These are Aunt Deb's delicious chocolate chip recipe.  Yum! 

David devours his cookie

 Michael left a little on his chin for later. 

Kate's leftovers are on her lip. 
Notice Kate's new haircut!  Cute girl of mine!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Snow Days

We had 3 snow days this week due to winter weather, but the kids have been staying busy.
Michael has been practicing his recital pieces 
(The recital is May 22nd, for anyone interested in attending.  Let me know!) 

Kate has been creative in many ways.  The office looked like a confetti factory yesterday. 

David has just been enjoying the extra playmates during the day. 

 Kate enjoyed dressing David up and making us all crowns.

Playing house and cooking food 

Being a little crazy 

Building things at the library 

 Abstract art

 Inviting new friends to build the tallest tower ever 

This made me laugh.  I guess Canadians in America is a myth. 

Phonics games 

Science experiments
The kids are back in school, and the school board will discuss what to do with all the missed days.  We have used up all our banked time and added days already.  They might be in school until July at this rate. 
I'm just glad we got some extra time together.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Another Snow Day

Snow day (aka jammie day) fun- Legos and floor puzzle while listening to Piano Guys.  Next on the agenda is shoveling and snowman building.  It's a great Monday.  
The kids will probably be in school until July, but for now, we will enjoy the extra time together. 

Show Hope

For many reasons, we decided to go with a different agency to support the care of orphans. Show Hope is an organization started by Steven Curtis Chapman, and we have been supporting both the children in the care of orphanages, and families who needs grants to adopt these children. The kids really love getting updates, and are getting a burden for those less fortunate, as well as learning the importance of family.

Shy David

David went through a phase where he was very shy, and he did not want to go to library story time. I am glad he has gotten past that now, and he enjoy story time again. We have an awesome library, as I have stated many times.

Upward Basketball

The kids are continuing to enjoy basketball.  Practices are Monday, and games are Saturday.