Saturday, April 26, 2014

More Spring Break Fun

We had a fun week of relaxing adventures on spring break.
We watched the International Space Station pass over.  

Michael didn't see the screen door there, and managed to bend the frame and knock it off the track.  Jon says it isn't fixable.   

Kate did some art.  The kids have been fascinated with the Titanic since they read a book on it, and we watched the Titanic Sinking Simulation.   

We spent lots of time at the park with each other and with friends.  
The kids got their first sunburns of the season.   I'm really bad with sunscreen

Michael got a lot of sun on his face.  He rode his bike a lot at the park.  He went 5 times around the mile-long trail, and he rode a lot in addition to that.  He's really enjoying his bike. 

Kate played hard on the playground. 

David played hard, and he even ran alongside Michael and 2 other boys while they rode their bikes on the mile-long track.  He wants to keep up with the big boys, and he does a pretty good job.   

The kids captured a frog in our yard, played with it for a while, then released it near our new trees.   

They were pretty excited about their new pet.   

We had sunshine all week until early Friday afternoon, so we pulled out the Uno cards.  The kids really enjoyed it.   
We had company last night, and the we had some fierce Uno tournaments.  So much fun!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Break Tuesday

2nd day of spring break week, and the kids enjoyed some time outside. 
3 little jumpers 

After lunch, we took a field trip 

to Paul's Bakery.  They were giving out free croissant donuts, but they were gone by the time we got there.  They gave us 2 dozen free donut holes instead.  We bought a half dozen to bring home for dessert and for Daddy.   

Happy, sugared-up kids
After the bakery, we stopped by the library and restocked on books for the week.

We burned it off in a big field at

 The gardens are starting to bloom.
Tulips were in full bloom.

Front porch 

The trees are starting to flower. 

View overlooking the city of Fredericksburg across the Rappahannock River. 

Back yard 

Fun AND History

After dinner, we had movie night.  Fun day!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Break 2014

We started Spring break yesterday with Easter (I don't count Saturday, since I had to work), and we plan to have a good mix of activity and leisure.  
We slept in this morning, and the kids played the XBox, read books, and played Legos.
Michael enjoyed some light reading, as well. 

This is my spring break read.   

We went to the Farmer's Market today to get some fresh veggies to grill, as well as to pick up plant starters for our garden.  Kate talked me into a wave Petunia.  That girl loves flowers and all things pretty.  Then we headed to Walmart to get 2 more tomato cages, summer flip-flops all around, and I let the kids pick out a spring break toy each:
 Kate got a hula hoop, David picked a big bouncy ball, and Michael picked a bouncy Frisbee-like toy.

We headed to the park for some running, playing, and bike riding. 
Michael has really been loving his bike lately, even after his stitches.  I'm glad he got right back on it, even after a big fall.

We came home and planted our gardens this evening.
4 tomato plants, 2 pepper plants, 4 squash plants, bush beans.

 The kids were good helpers.  This garden has oregano, sweet basil, rosemary, and sugar snap peas.  I want to get some Cilantro, but I didn't see any at the farmer's market.  We did get a CSA share this year to split with another family, so we might be swimming in veggies this summer.  

 We picked up a rain gauge, per Michael's request.  He thought this Moose was pretty funny, and he wanted to hang it on a tomato cage.  I talked him into putting it on the deck. 

Easter Sunday 2014

We love Easter!
3 Easter cuties 

who had jelly beans for breakfast 

and finished the day with empty Easter baskets and belly aches. 

We started the day by ministering to the elderly at the assisted living facility that our church family serves.  We were able to sing, read Scripture, and Jon preached about the resurrection. 
We followed that with a service at our church.   
Our family Easter pics were photo-bombed by the bright sunshine.

After church, we had Easter dinner with our dear friends The Scantlins, and we enjoyed spending the afternoon with them.  I took a vacation day from work to have Easter off, and it sure was lovely!  

It ended with quite a few tired children at the end of the day. David didn't make it through Bible story time. 
Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Puddle Splashing

David is home with me all day, so we do what we can to keep entertained. 
On rainy days, David loves to splash in puddles, even if they are deck puddles.



School Pictures 2013-2014

These are the kids' spring school pictures:
Kate in Kindergarten 

Michael in 2nd grade

Tree Planting

Last Saturday, we put in a few Leyland Cyprus trees to divide our yard from our neighbors and to give a little privacy from the road when the deciduous trees lose their leaves.
The boys were hard workers in helping Daddy dig the holes for the trees. 

Kate helped Daddy by watering the trees (in her dress and baseball hat).

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


This is the "after" shot of Michael's stitched lip.  He did GREAT!



Don't look if you're easily disgusted!

So it's not that bad (in my book), but just in case, I wanted you warned.  Michael feel off his bike today, hit his handle bards, and put a tooth through his lip.  I knew he was going to need an antibiotic, and because it was across the Vermilion Border, I knew he would need a stitch or two to prevent tissue disruption issues and a potential speech problem later.   
I took him to our local Urgent Care, and the Nurse Practitioner would not stitch it.  She said that lips are complicated, and she needed us to go to the ER to get it done right.  (yes, they refunded our co-pay)
So off to the ER we went.  Thankfully, Michael was a champ! He didn't even flinch when they put the needle in to numb the area, and he sat so still for the stitching.  What a brave boy!
He is on a course of antibiotics, and the stitches will dissolve within 5 days.  

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Baseball 2014

After 2 cancellations due to snow, then rain, Michael has officially begun baseball season.  He is in the Rookie league again (6-8 yr olds, machine-pitch) for Stafford Baseball League, and his team is the Rockhounds.  Looking forward to another great season.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hide n Seek

David felt well enough today to ask for a trip to the park.  I love how he hides when playing Hide n Seek.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Under the Weather

The weather has finally turned to spring here in Virginia, and we are celebrating with a nice case of the flu.
The 2 older kids have had a mild, quick version of it, but this round has hit David pretty badly. He has been battling a high fever and has only wanted to snuggle.

There's been a lot of hydration and hand sanitation going on around here, not to mention snuggles and television.  Feel better, little guy.  

Tons of Snow

This has been the snowy-est season that I can remember for a long time.  
 The trees were so pretty!

This was a really fluffy snow that coated everything, but was easy to shovel. 

More pretty snow. 

Speaking of shoveling, this boy 8-yr-old did a good bit of it.  He loves to shovel, and he makes a great team along with Daddy.