Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Library Love

Have I ever mentioned that we love our library?  
I probably have not, but now you know. :-)
David and I have been to a few different branches for story time.  This branch used a projector for the book, which was cool that we all could see the pictures, too.   The St. Patrick's Day story time was especially fun, with all sorts of Leprechaun stories then a craft. 

Post-story-time stories 

We have good programs (this was a series on George Washington, from the lovely ladies at Ferry Farm).  The kids were learning to dance, and were practicing their bows and curtsies above. 

This program was a continuance of the series on George Washington that they were doing.  It was all about spies in the Revolutionary period, and the kids learned codes, ciphers, and other fun spy-related things.   

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