Saturday, April 26, 2014

More Spring Break Fun

We had a fun week of relaxing adventures on spring break.
We watched the International Space Station pass over.  

Michael didn't see the screen door there, and managed to bend the frame and knock it off the track.  Jon says it isn't fixable.   

Kate did some art.  The kids have been fascinated with the Titanic since they read a book on it, and we watched the Titanic Sinking Simulation.   

We spent lots of time at the park with each other and with friends.  
The kids got their first sunburns of the season.   I'm really bad with sunscreen

Michael got a lot of sun on his face.  He rode his bike a lot at the park.  He went 5 times around the mile-long trail, and he rode a lot in addition to that.  He's really enjoying his bike. 

Kate played hard on the playground. 

David played hard, and he even ran alongside Michael and 2 other boys while they rode their bikes on the mile-long track.  He wants to keep up with the big boys, and he does a pretty good job.   

The kids captured a frog in our yard, played with it for a while, then released it near our new trees.   

They were pretty excited about their new pet.   

We had sunshine all week until early Friday afternoon, so we pulled out the Uno cards.  The kids really enjoyed it.   
We had company last night, and the we had some fierce Uno tournaments.  So much fun!!

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