Sunday, May 25, 2014

Garden Update

Our garden is doing pretty well.  No veggies yet, but the plants look good.  It has been great having my helpers to weed and water.  They can't wait to harvest our hard-won vegetables.  Hopefully, they eat what they grew.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Piano Recital 2014

These are Michael's 2 individual pieces.  He did March Militaire and Radetzky March.  

He also did a duet of Simple Gifts with his teacher, but we had technical difficulties with the camera.  
Michael worked very hard on his recital pieces, and we are very proud.  
We celebrated with strawberry pie.  
All of the piano students and the teacher

Michael did his own version of warming up for the recital.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rockhounds Baseball 2014

Michael had baseball pictures on Saturday, but since it was raining, we had them at a local gym.  Thankfully, the photographer was running behind, since I accidentally arrived at the WRONG school just in time.  Oops.
Michael, baseball player #9 

Rockhounds 2014

Mommy and David

It's just me and David during the weekdays at home until the big kids get home from school.  He's my fun little companion while I get everything done. 
Occasionally on errands, we get to see cool things, like this excavator working right beside us.  I love the excitement and wonder of a 3-yr-old. 

David doesn't take a regular nap any more, just a rest time, but sometimes in the car, he succumbs to the lull of the engine and takes a quick nap. 


Our baby birds have hatched!  
So far, we have 3 bald baby birds and 2 remaining eggs.  I could tell that something was different when we came down the side porch and the mother bird did not fly away.  She finally left for a second so we snapped this quick picture, then left so the mother bird could come back.  So sweet!

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Waiting for the Bus

We're really thankful that the bus comes right to our driveway.  
We wait for the bus on our bus bench on our front porch.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Chatham, Again

One of our favorite places to visit is Chatham Manor.  It's very close to us, and when we visited on Spring Break, they were planting the gardens.  We went back on Sunday afternoon (I had my first weekend off since our vacation in October!), and we enjoyed walking the grounds and seeing the foliage.  
The kids got a little more sun, as we were at the park before this.  
We have had unbelievable rain the last week or so, and our green wall of trees has returned.  I love that it feels so secluded, without the inconvenience of being far away. 

World Record Holders

Michael found the latest Guinness Book of World Records at the library, and he absolutely loves it.  From what I am told, my husband was mildly obsessed with the 1980-something version of this book when he was a kid.  
Michael keeps asking me (over and over again!) if I will allow him to break a record.  I tell him that he sounds like a broken record, but I think the allusion is lost on him in this digital age.  Anyways, he just got a new BMX bike (Craigslist, $35 thankyouverymuch!), and he has been practicing on it so he can find a world record to break.  I love that he is a big dreamer!

Poor Kate Hates Peas

I came home from work one early morning, and I found a note on my bed.
I knew right away it was from my favorite note-writing daughter. 

She just wanted to let me know that she had a "day bad" due to the unfortunate presence of peas at dinner.  

Silly David

I'm pretty happy that I still have another year until all the kids are in school.  It's pretty fun spending my days with this cutie. 

Ready, set, 
Big muscles! 

And some pink sunglasses atop a fresh buzz cut. 

David is quite competitive, and he does NOT like to lose.  We're working on being a good loser...

Robin Eggs

We have a robin's nest under our side porch, and we have been checking daily to see if our little baby birds have arrived.  

Go Rockhounds

Michael was 3 for 3 on Saturday.  He is doing much better at baseball now that he is back in the swing of things (pun intended).
  He is the shortstop above.