Monday, June 02, 2014

Farewell, Scantlins

Today, we said farewell to our dear friends, the Scantlins, who are moving to Florida.  We are blessed enough to have them stay with us this last week, since their stuff was packed and sent ahead of them, but that makes us miss them even more.  
My kids were so sad today, as they had gotten used to having the girls around.  This is a trip to Goodwill.  Always fun! 

I found a huge lot of Legos at Goodwill, which I am so thankful that I found. Legos are NOT cheap, and I can rarely find them used and reasonably priced.  
Having the girls around actually made it easier around here.  6 kids was actually easier than 3. 

Balloon games with friends

A final photo before they hit the road this morning.  David was perfectly fine until I burst his bubble when he mentioned that they would be back next week from Florida.  Then he was sad.  And I was sad.  And I channeled my sadness into cleaning my house, which is now spotless. 
It's rare to find friends this wonderful, and I'm thankful they were close by for so long.  Michael prays every night that Dad will get a job in Florida, so we can live next door to the Scantlins.  I would not be sad about that.  We will miss them very much, and we are already planning our trip to visit then in the Sunshine State.  

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