Thursday, June 19, 2014

New York City, Day 2 (Monday)

The kids slept really well at the Fairfield Inn, Times Square, but it was up to breakfast at 7:30, then off for the day.
The kids slept sideways again, but that is getting harder in a double bed with Michael growing taller.  He was a good sport about it.  

We opted to go with a City Sights tour bus package, and we're so glad we did.  We saw and did lots in just 3 days!  

Our first tour bus guide was MEAN.  She definitely fit the New York stereotype, but thankfully, the rest of them were a little more laid back.  I didn't dare snap a picture of her looking at me.  She probably would have thrown me off the bus. 

St Patrick's Cathedral

One of Trump's Towers 

The soup shop, made famous by Seinfeld, who renamed him "The Soup Nazi." 

Uptown Harlem 

The Apollo Theater 

Statue of Duke Ellington 

We hopped off the bus to tour The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) 
We had lunch from food trucks outside The Met- big soft pretzels and hot dogs.

We enjoyed the art, and the kids had fun posing. 

Little Rembrandts 

Checking out the hues 

Michael really loved the Greco-Roman section.  They enjoyed posing like the statues. We tried to get pictures with the clothed statues.  

Michael pretends like he is unarmed. 

The most fun part of The Met was pigeon hunting.  I guess NYC pigeons are better than DC pigeons.

The Met 

We hopped off again to see Central Park and the Central Park Zoo.  We decided not to go in the zoo, because it wasn't free, and because Kate just had a field trip to the National Zoo. 

Carnegie Hall 

Kevin got us a really good deal in Times Square at the Sheraton New York.   It was a perfect location, and we were able to get adjoining rooms. 

Our view from our hotel room.

Waiting for Jon and Kevin while they talked with the concierge 

Michael enjoyed playing football in central park with Nathan, Jon, and Uncle Kevin. 

Central Park

 We got burgers from a hole-in-the-wall (or in-the-hotel, as that's where it was located) place called Burger Joint, which was supposed the be renown for it's burgers.  It was pretty good, but not the best.  

Radio City Music Hall 

Michael wore flip-flops, and his feet showed it afterward.  NYC was not as dirty as everyone says.  It was pretty clean, actually.  The only slightly trashy-ridden area that we noticed were down by the docks where the homeless camp at night.   Michael broke his flip flop with all the walking, and we had to stop at a Gap store to get him more shoes.

Rockefeller Center 

This is Rockefeller Center where you see people ice skating in the winter time.

 David fell asleep while we looking at the city from The Top of the Rock.  

 The city at night

Empire State Building 
This was the one thing that my husband definitely wanted to do in NYC.  He really enjoyed the city topography from this height. 
To the hotel afterward for a great night's sleep!

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