Thursday, June 19, 2014

New York City- Day 3 (Tuesday)

Since we did the Uptown tour on Monday, we went with the Downtown tour on Tuesday
Times Square near Broadway 

All the pretty lights 

Penn station 

US Post Office 

Flat Iron building 

 Lots of high buildings


Napping boy with Cousin Lauren, who David adores (and so do we!) 


For lunch, we got off in China Town,

and we walked to Little Italy.  We ate at Grotta Azzurra Ristorante- delicious!

 Lunch in Little Italy

We walked through China Town and Little Italy, then back on the bus to tour the Financial District. 

Michael walked through the city with a football in hand.  

St Paul's Chapel 

The Freedom Tower, which was so tall  I couldn't get the tip in the picture.  This is called One World Trade Center, and it's at the site of where the twin towers stood.

This is the memorial where one of the twin towers stood.  The WTC site now has fountains at the foundation of both buildings, and the names of those who were killed in the 9/11 attacks.  Sobering.

WTC memorials 

This is the Survival Tree, which was the only thing that survived at Ground Zero.   

Wall Street in the Financial District 

Wall Street and Broadway 

The Bull on Wall Street 

 Tenement housing (ie, The Projects)
We were really hoping to go to The Tenement Museum, but time did not allow.

The Brooklyn Bridge 

Look really closely, and you'll see a single-family house on top of that building. 

East Village 

This is where I want to live.   

Staten Island 

The Waldorf Astoria 

We were going to try for the Shake Shack for dinner, but the line was nuts!  Times Square had a crazy amount of traffic, and our tour bus driver said that we had to get off the bus at an alternate site, since whole blocks were barricaded off since the President was in town.  He was staying at the hotel about 1/4 block from where I took this picture. 
For dinner, we opted to get some New York-style pizza and eat it in our adjoining rooms.  We stayed up much too late and played Rook (of which Kevin and I were the winners!)

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