Thursday, June 19, 2014

New York City- Day 4 (Wedesday)

On Wednesday, we slept in a bit, then we checked out of our hotel on our last day in NYC. 
 Then we had an early lunch at Shake Shack in the Theater District right near our hotel.  

Kate wore a french braid for the occasion, thanks to Aunt Deb. 

The kids got souvenirs- Kate got a NYC snow globe, David got a NYC taxi, and Michael got a tour bus that looked just like the double-decker bus that we enjoyed.   

Shake Shack was a delicious burger!   The hype is legit.

After a way-too-heavy early lunch, we walked what seemed like forever (or it could have just been the burgers...) to the docks.  Our boat tour left from Pier 78,

 and we were so excited for it!  It was included in our tour bus package, and it was really worth it!

The Freedom Tower 

Blakemores and Shultzes at the helm 

Financial District 

I want to buy this.   

Hello, Lady Liberty! 

Us with Ms Liberty 

The Shultzes 

The Blakemores 

Since the walk back to get our vehicles was a good ways off, Jon and Kevin took the shuttle back and came to pick us up.  We had ice cream with an unamused NYPD officer while we waited.

Michael took a lick of David's Spiderman cone, and he kept a little extra on his face for the road.  

David shows his pouty face when the heat melted spiderman.

Kate enjoyed her Strawberry Good Humor bar. 

Aircraft carrier

We parted ways in the afternoon, and headed our separate ways.  We had such a wonderful time, and we're so glad we got to do NYC with the Shultzes.  

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