Thursday, June 19, 2014

New York City Vacation, Day 1 (Sunday)

When we found out that Jon's sister Debbie and her family were coming out to the east coast from Nebraska, and that they wanted to see NYC, we knew right away what our summer vacation would include.  We met up with The Shultz family on Sunday night, and the fun began right away.  
The Blakemores in the Lincoln Tunnel 

 My cuties in Times Square

 We had so much fun with the Shultz family!

One more picture of my 4

Plus a group shot of everyone 

Figuring out our agenda 

Toys R Us in Times Square.  The kids were in toy heaven. 

Lego section- one of our favorite! 

We walked a lot and spent time touring the city at night and planning our next 3 days.  We enjoyed some New York-style pizza for dinner.  We stayed in the Fairfield Inn, Times Square overnight, then up in the morning for a full day of adventure.  

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