Monday, June 02, 2014

Random Goings-On

We've been pretty busy here lately, and I have been remiss to blog much.  So here's a smattering of our activities of late. 
David being silly 

David doesn't nap much, but sometimes he conks out in the van when I'm out running errands.  Thankfully, he can sleep through being carried in and being laid on the couch. 

Playing at the park- Kate was trying to catch tadpoles. 

This is before Michael's recital, but it shows how much he loves his bike.  He has been riding it a lot lately.  We took a seat out of the van so we can take the bike along when we go to the park.

David is in love with toast.  And bacon.  And boiled eggs.  I guess pretty much all breakfast foods.

Our garden is coming along.  The kids have done a great job helping me weed and water our plants, and David's tomato plant now has some green grape tomatoes forming.  The kids are so excited.   

Kate caught a grub while wearing a dress. This girl is a paradox. She will be a 1st grader in less than 2 weeks!

I brought home some comics and a Mini-Page from the newspaper someone had brought to work.  The kids thought it was great!

I had to work 3-11:30 on Memorial Day, but we took advantage of the morning and did the Itty Bitty City Scavenger Hunt.  We were able to get more than half, but we will need another trip or two to finish. 
Here are the clues, if anyone is interested.

Michael's baseball season continues along.  With all the rain we have had, we ended up with 3 games this week.  While we have enjoyed it, it will be a relief when the season is over.   

After church lunch at El Gran Charro, because kids eat for $1.99 (and that includes a drink)  We can usually get out of there for under $25 total, including tip.  

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