Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Time

The kids have been having a great summer so far.  
I'm always looking out for fun freebies, and they were having a summer promo event with our local newspaper, The Free Lance-Star.  We all spun the wheel, and Kate won Alan Jackson tickets.  We're not that in to country music, but it was fun anyways, and we might get a few bucks for them to spend on something we will enjoy.   

Chalk and bike riding and sprinkler and trampoline 

David is a little leery of our makeshift water slide made from sprinkler and regular slide.  He enjoys being on solid ground a little more.  

Ready for some sprinkler fun

 Kate was much more adventurous than normal.  She had lots of fun on our water slide.

We had lunch last Sunday with Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle David, who we just adore.  We ate at a restaurant called FoodE in downtown Fredericksburg.  The food was delicious, and the company was better.

 The kids were stalking some bunnies before church on Sunday.  These were either deaf bunnies or un-skittish bunnies, as they let the kids get pretty close.  

We've enjoyed a lot of Lego fun this summer.  Creations abound.   

It was really hard not to go dumpster-diving for books at the library (which we frequent).  If it weren't for time constraints, we might have... 

I've decided that the TV will be off for the summer, with the exception of an occasional movie.  It has been good for the kids' creativity and activity.  The know not to say the word "bored," or they will be scrubbing the potty.  

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