Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Fun

We are trying to find that summer balance where the kids have some fun activities to do, but no so many that they don't have that boredom-induced creativity stimulated.  
We've found some creative uses for the ice cream maker.  We did not have much luck with making frozen yogurt (lots of ice crystals), but we really have enjoyed making smoothies.  One of the easiest things I've done is get some juice (like the Bolthouse Farm juices- extra healthy)  and just throw it in the ice cream maker.  It takes like the most delicious sorbet, and it's guilt-free.




More wrestling 

Sprinkler days when it's really hot 

Trips to the dentist (no cavities!)  Michael will be going back next week for sealants, since they are covered 100%.  

Special treats (Michael went on a church event with Daddy, so the rest of us did something special) 

We have visited PetSmart quite a few times. It gets the kids their animal fix without us getting one personally.  

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