Monday, August 25, 2014

YMCA Back-To-School Splash

 Our school PTA hosts a membership drive annually at the YMCA water park.  
 It's a late-night swim from 8pm-10pm, and it is something the kids look forward to every year.  They said this is their favorite night of the year- until I reminded them of Christmas.  And Birthdays.  And New York City.  And then they had a birthday party last weekend that they rated 10/10.  Regardless, it is much-anticipated, and lots of fun.  
Thanks to Daddy for helping our non-swimmers in the pool so I didn't have to get in.  

Boys Will Be Boys

The boys discovered how to make boys noises on their arms

They have lots of fun in the process. 

Kate is not amused.

Big Helper!

Michael has requested an allowance.  Since we don't give out free money, we have made a list of chores that Michael can do to earn some extra money.  Mowing the lawn is one such chore.  
He is working on his straight lines.  

He sometimes forgets large sections of the lawn, especially those that are not directly in a straight line-of-sight, but he is getting better each time.  
Michael has also learned to clean his bathroom this summer, how to unload the dishwasher, and how to take out the trash (in addition to his regular responsibilities).  Michael sure is growing up.  
We use My Job Chart, where he can login and check when he is finished with his work and can earn points, which are turned in to cash.  
He is learning to be a hard worker, and he is very helpful.

Library Activities

One of our favorite things to do in summer is all the great activities the library offers.

The End-Of-Summer Reading Program party was lots of fun.  
Just add parachute- instant fun! 

Games and activities.  Fun sticker and tattoo prizes


Michael won us a family 5-pack of tickets to the YMCA water park for designing the paper airplane that went the farthest.  He has a special aerodynamic design that spirals "to push more air up underneath so it goes farthest." 

A week later, they had the 2nd annual Camp Half-Blood Fabulous Friday activity, but this time it was Greeks v Romans. Michael is partial to the Greeks, so he traded with David to be on that team. 
Something for everyone- obstacle course for the boys, and crafts for Kate.  

Michael master's Arachne's web.  David loved this activity.  He did it probably 4-5 times, trying to beat his best time.  David is our super-competitive child, and I think he's going to be our athlete, too.  

Kate traverses the bubbling lava. 

This silly girl was making a Roman shield.  She made it a sweet kitty face, and when I mentioned that her war shield was not very fierce, she modified it to this: 

Super vampire kitty.  Blood dripping from fangs & pooling on the ground.  Fierce indeed!  Funny girl! 

We love to read.  One day, we visited Barnes & Noble instead of the library, just to mix it up.  The kids were able to pick one book to keep, which they thought was awesome (thank you, B&N giftcard promotion, for free books!!)  Kate chose a journal instead.  

David "reads" at the library.  We visit at least once a week, often more than once/week. 

Kate's favorite place is a little corner of the Juvenile Non-Fiction section 

with a nice view of the trees. 

Michael likes the teen section.  Since he is reading on a middle school level, I let him hang out in the teen circle. 

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

David Gets a Sprain

David loves to wrestle and play.  He is in a very physical stage right now, and he loves to come at you for some roughhousing.  
 David ended up with a sprained wrist after a wrestle session.  

He is sporting a nice wrist brace to protect it, and he is taking it like a pro.  I'm sure with this tough boy, there will be many more injuries in the future.  

Summer of Fun

I'm so glad to be able to spend most of my days with the kids, now that it is summer.  School will be here in less than a month, and this is the last year that David will be home with me. 
David has really enjoyed having his siblings home during the day.

He has also been enjoying crawling in bed with me and snuggling in the morning, since we don't have to get the big kids on the bus.  That will change soon...

Kate has spent a good bit of the summer doing arts & crafts, reading books, playing on the trampoline, building creations with her legos, and trying to figure out why brothers are so annoying. 

Michael has played a lot of Xbox Kinect sports, enjoyed outside time on his bike and on the trampoline, and has read a lot of books.  He is our child who requires a lot of activity, and we have tried to give him enough fun things to do while still giving him enough "bored" time to spark his creativity.  He will have 3rd grade to keep him busy soon enough.  And he will be playing his first season of football this fall.  

Wes Comes To Play (and work)

Wes, Jon's nephew, came out from Ohio for a few weeks to work with Jon.  We really enjoyed having him here.  
When he was not working, Wes hung out with us (because, what else is there to do...).  Since 4:30am was an adjustment for him, he enjoyed sporadic naps during movie night and other such rare, quiet moments in the house.  

After church at El Gran Charro 

Playing at the park.  I'm sure he is enjoying the much quieter atmosphere at his home now, but we sure did have fun while he was here.   We all miss him, but the kids especially were really sad when he left.

Lots of laughs and fun.
We're glad you could come for a while Wesley.  

Fun with Friends

We've been enjoying a relaxed summer so far.  
One of the kids' favorite things to do is to add water to their trampoline play.  I'm sure this is a broken collarbone waiting to happen, but they have fun.  

Friends Jackson and Elliot over to play. 

Kate, our artist, went nuts when I had a leftover eggplant that I gave her.  She had the best time.  I think it's the best use of eggplant to date from our CSA box (NOT a vegetable favorite for any of us!) 

We met another friend and played at the bounce house place for a while.   

David and Aaric are good friends. 

Michael took a Mechanical Engineering class at Engineering for Kids.   

Here he is in the corner trying to make his machines functional. 

Car and track.  Michael thought this was loads of fun.
They did VBS a few weeks ago, but I didn't snap any pictures.