Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Fun with Friends

We've been enjoying a relaxed summer so far.  
One of the kids' favorite things to do is to add water to their trampoline play.  I'm sure this is a broken collarbone waiting to happen, but they have fun.  

Friends Jackson and Elliot over to play. 

Kate, our artist, went nuts when I had a leftover eggplant that I gave her.  She had the best time.  I think it's the best use of eggplant to date from our CSA box (NOT a vegetable favorite for any of us!) 

We met another friend and played at the bounce house place for a while.   

David and Aaric are good friends. 

Michael took a Mechanical Engineering class at Engineering for Kids.   

Here he is in the corner trying to make his machines functional. 

Car and track.  Michael thought this was loads of fun.
They did VBS a few weeks ago, but I didn't snap any pictures.  

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