Monday, August 25, 2014

Library Activities

One of our favorite things to do in summer is all the great activities the library offers.

The End-Of-Summer Reading Program party was lots of fun.  
Just add parachute- instant fun! 

Games and activities.  Fun sticker and tattoo prizes


Michael won us a family 5-pack of tickets to the YMCA water park for designing the paper airplane that went the farthest.  He has a special aerodynamic design that spirals "to push more air up underneath so it goes farthest." 

A week later, they had the 2nd annual Camp Half-Blood Fabulous Friday activity, but this time it was Greeks v Romans. Michael is partial to the Greeks, so he traded with David to be on that team. 
Something for everyone- obstacle course for the boys, and crafts for Kate.  

Michael master's Arachne's web.  David loved this activity.  He did it probably 4-5 times, trying to beat his best time.  David is our super-competitive child, and I think he's going to be our athlete, too.  

Kate traverses the bubbling lava. 

This silly girl was making a Roman shield.  She made it a sweet kitty face, and when I mentioned that her war shield was not very fierce, she modified it to this: 

Super vampire kitty.  Blood dripping from fangs & pooling on the ground.  Fierce indeed!  Funny girl! 

We love to read.  One day, we visited Barnes & Noble instead of the library, just to mix it up.  The kids were able to pick one book to keep, which they thought was awesome (thank you, B&N giftcard promotion, for free books!!)  Kate chose a journal instead.  

David "reads" at the library.  We visit at least once a week, often more than once/week. 

Kate's favorite place is a little corner of the Juvenile Non-Fiction section 

with a nice view of the trees. 

Michael likes the teen section.  Since he is reading on a middle school level, I let him hang out in the teen circle. 

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