Tuesday, September 02, 2014

First Day of School 2014

Today, Michael started 3rd grade, and Kate began 1st grade.  This is the last year that David will be home with me, then to Kindergarten he will go. 
Bookbags packed and hung in the cubby with care.  

This was me at work last night.  Jon got the kids to bed and all tucked in before the first day of school today.  Michael had a late football practice, but everyone showered and brushed teeth, and got to bed at a reasonable hour.  No one was too grumpy when they got up this morning (except maybe me), so I call it a success.  

 Breakfast was Rice Crispies or Mini-Wheats & Greek yogurt (not together), because it's easy. 

 My school kids, ready to go!

My 3 cuties, ready to conquer the day! 

 Bus is here!!

Bye, kids!  I will miss you lots, and I can't wait to hear all about your day when you get home!

Cheerleading and Football, Fall 2014

Michael and Kate are involved with fall Upward sports.  Michael is playing football, and he is on the Colts.  Kate is cheering for his team.  
Some of these cheer moms get a little to into it.  

Back-To-School Orientation 2014

We were able to meet the kids' teachers on Thursday, and it was an exciting occasion.  We have always had wonderful teachers, and we're happy to see that is the case again.  Kate has the same 1st grade teacher that Michael had, and we could not be happier.  Michael's teacher came highly recommended by many, and we are so glad he is in her class.
 School supplies a-plenty

Kate insisted on wearing her prettiest dress to meet her teacher.  She looks absolutely lovely.  

 Michael, on the other hand, was a little unhappy that I made him change out of gym shorts into regular shorts.  I'm so unreasonable...

 The school went through a major remodel last year, and it was closed the entire year.  Our kids were at another school last year, so it was very exciting to see all the renovations, as well as the addition of a new, large library (our favorite!)

 The kids also were excited about the new playground, which was necessary because the library is now where the old playground was located.  After meeting teachers, filling out forms, touring the school, and dropping off a ton of supplies, the kids ended the night on the playground.

 New seesaw! 
I'm glad they got to enjoy it, since today (the first day of school) has a local heat advisory warning out, which prompted a cessation of outdoor activities across the district.  Heat index is 105 currently. 

 David enjoys the big slide

 Spinning seats. 

Kate didn't let her fancy dress keep her from climbing. 

 She said she wished she had brought a change of clothes, but no regrets with wearing her fancy dress. 

Climbing boys!