Sunday, October 26, 2014

Football & Cheer 2014

The older 2 kids finished up football & cheer this week.  It was a good season, and we were glad to participate in this well-run league. 
 Kate and her squad, The Bluebells, before their half-time show.  

 Michael and his team, the Colts.  This is the first time that Michael has really bonded with his teammates.  They played really well together, and grew a lot in both learning the game and in learning all the advantages of teamwork.  At the end of the final award ceremony, Michael told me, "This was both the happiest day of my life, and the saddest day of my life."  They played a really great final game against a team that was much older and bigger than they were, and they came out with a win.  

All the cheerleaders getting ready for the half-time show.  

Calling out the players 

Kate got her first trophy. 

All the Upward football players and cheerleaders for 2014

The half-time show.  Kate is in the back about 3 steps behind everyone else.  She informed me that she does not want to cheer next year, as she thought it was going to be fun and not work. ;-)

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