Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Basketball Season 2015

Michael is once again playing Upward Basketball, and he is on the Panthers this year.  
He had his first game on Saturday, and they lost by 4 points. 

Indoor Fun

We've been trying to stay active and have fun, even when it's super cold outside.  
David received Sands Alive for Christmas, and he loves playing with it.  I enjoy it MUCH better than Play-Doh! 

We got a net/paddle set after Christmas to use our dining room table for ping-pong.  The kids (and Jon) have really enjoyed the set.   

We have definitely utilized our membership at the CMOR-Fredericksburg.

Fun with friends! 


We took the kids roller skating at Cavalier Skating for the first time a few weeks ago, and they had a ton of fun.  They have family day on Sundays, so we can all get in for $15 total.  
Getting upright for the first time on skates.  

Michael, our exceptionally uncoordinated one, pretty much spent a good portion of his time on the floor.  

Kate was surprisingly the best at skating.  She just did a little more scooting than skating, but she managed to stay upright for most of the day, which is pretty impressive.
Of note, this tiny-footed girl still wears toddler sizes in shoes.  David is only 1 size smaller than her.   

David did well learning, and by the end of the day, he was skating/scooting while only holding one hand (which takes a good bit of balance).

Michael was super fun to watch.  Poor guy was whole-heartedly digging the activity, but his skill needs to catch up to his confidence.   

We will need to go again and let the kids get more practice.  It's good exercise and lots of fun. 

My 3 boys 

Kate trying the limbo 

Michael attempting the limbo 

Daddy helping David skate.

Christmas 2014

I was able to squish all my work days together so we could have some time to travel over Christmas.  I was scheduled to work Christmas day, and a co-worker asked if I would switch with her, since she wanted New Years Day off.  Good deal!
We headed to see the Brown family first in West VA.  Lots of fun exploring inside and out, and the kids enjoyed the dog and cat almost as much as visiting family.  It was nice to visit and see (some) of the Brown side, as we are not able to get together too often anymore. 

We did some exploring outside, and Michael enjoyed the Wii.  

Next, we headed to Ohio, where the kids were in cousin heaven.  We missed those who were not able to come, and the time was much too short, but we were glad to be able to go. No ER visit this year for Jon, like last year, so we consider it a "win."

The kids opened their presents from us after Christmas, which consisted pretty much of a bunch of Legos and a few other small things.  They love Legos!

General December Happenings

So I will condense our happenings over the last 2 months to try to get caught up.  My old phone/camera was having issues, and I lived with it until I was finally able to upgrade after our travels at Christmas-time.  

Kate lost another tooth.  Dad and Mom are cheap tooth fairies compared to their friends.  Michael pulled her tooth out, as Kate did not want to wiggle it.  The only reason it came out was because the adult tooth came down and pushed it out of the way.   

We went to the orchestra at UMW in early December with the Tyes, and we had a lovely time.   

The kids enjoyed general silliness, as is usually the case.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Winter Hats

Prepared for winter with cute hats and hoodies