Monday, March 02, 2015

February 2015

As the kids are getting older, we are doing more and home less.  I guess my blogging shows it, as I'm pretty consistent about once a month now. 
Here's a recap of our February:
(sorry for the fuzzy pic!)
Basketball.  Michael is finishing up his Upward season, and he has 2 weeks left to play.  His team is young and they have 3 (tiny!) girls and 4 boys, but I am confident that they are the scrappiest bunch out there.  Great hustle and good teamwork caused us to give the very large-membered undefeated team a great game which ended in a tie.  This is been a really fun team to watch.

David worked with me on my CPR re-certification.  I think he might be able to do it now.  I am now working on my ACLS, and he is absolutely fascinated by the resuscitation scenarios.  Future in medicine, perhaps?

Frequent trips to the library.  One of our favorite branches of CRRL is the England Run Branch, which is hosting the Discover Tech exhibit.  The kids get to do all kinds of fun STEM activities.   

As much as I try to get David to like story time at the library, he just doesn't care for it.  I'm not sure why.  He enjoys reading, and he is doing great on his phonics.  He is now reading Level 1 readers, with some help, and he is getting the concept of long vowels.  He enjoys the puzzle of trying to figure out the words.  His favorite books are Biscuit books, and I think he has checked out all the Biscuit books that the library owns.  
David is really a math boy, though.  He loves to count, and he is well into the 100s.  He enjoys playing on the Khan Academy website with early arithmetic, and he is absolutely fascinated by time.  He often gives me a time update (from the digital clocks) throughout the day, and he is known to keep close tabs on the time if a clock is not visible.  He will frequently ask, "Mom, what o'clock is it?" and I have not had the heart to correct his phrase, since it's so adorable.  

David went for his 4-yr-old physical and shots, and he is quite healthy.  He is 41lbs and 42 inches, which is around the 65-70th percentile for his age.  He got quite a few shots, and he was so brave.  He didn't cry until the last one, which really hurts.  He did very well afterward with no side effects.   

Lots more posts about David, since he is the one home with me during the day.  He is a great helper.  He loves to assist with laundry, and his favorite thing to do when I am cleaning is to run the stick-vac.   

The boys got much-needed haircuts.  Michael got a fade... 

Which he was pretty excited about.   

Kate plays with Snap Circuits at the library.  I was chatting with one of our lovely librarians as I was going through self-check-out last week, and she was asking if we had found everything okay, and I informed her apologetically that we always check-out SO many books that I feel like we use our share and many others' in the county, too.  She told me that the more we check-out, the more money they get from the foundation based on need and use, so she thanked us for being heavy users of the library.  Glad to oblige! 

David doesn't nap anymore regularly, but sometimes he gets tuckered out on our errands.  He can sleep anywhere, Walmart cart included. 

The kids have had SO many snow days!  They had a full week off, and many other scattered days off and late openings.  We have gotten creative and purchased some additional games so the kids don't spend all the time watching Netflix.  We bough a few sets of Rainbow Loom bands, a Connect 4 game, and some other small games that the kids have really enjoyed.  

We try to get to the parks when we can, but it has just been bitter cold, and you can only take the frigid wind so long before you just need to go inside.   

Thankfully, the bouncy house place has been open a lot.  If we can get out of our steep icy driveway, we can go somewhere to let the energy out. 

Snow.  We are not a fan. 

David was tuckered out after helping Dad and Michael shovel one day. 

The kids had dental appointments, and all 3 remain cavity-free!  Yay!  We were without dental insurance until 2 years ago, so we were pretty strict with prevention.  Hopefully, we can continue with this.

This was too cute not to share.  After Bible study with my small group one Tuesday morning, David enjoyed the calming effects of Lavender Oil that his good friend Lily shared with him (in great abundance.  All over his clothes.)  He took 2 naps that day. 

Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle David spoil our kids.  AE is always bringing them special gifts and treats, and they loved these tiny growing animals.  

These not-so-tiny rats were so fun for the kids.  They kept finding places to sneak a rat in secret places to get a rise out of me.  

Kate paints.  She is such a little artist.  Kate begins her first softball season soon, so we will see if you likes it as much as her mom did.   

Awards ceremony- Kate got a perfect attendance award and the citizenship award for honesty.  Great job, Kate! 

Michael received the perfect attendance award, as well as the Accelerated Reader award (for reading all the books on the Accelerated Reader list) 

Kate is getting in to designing clothing.  She is precious! 

Learning at the library about the process of the archaeological dig.   

Ice on the driveway.  Winter, go away! 

Kate is getting the hang of skating at the skating rink.  

David is learning, too!  He is getting better at being out without holding on.  

Both the younger kids have learned how to get up on their own. This is a great feat of balance.  

Michael is working on a research project in his FOCUS class on the Eastern Indigo Snake and the conservation efforts to preserve this endangered species.  More on this to come.