Thursday, April 30, 2015

Eastern Indigo Snake

More than you ever wanted to know about a snake!
Michael has been working on a special project for his Focus class. This is an independent study project that teaches him the process of how to research, gather information, and present it. Tonight at Focus festival, he was able to present his information, and he did a very good job. We are proud of him for his diligence and hard work, as this is a difficult project for a third grader. He did the work himself with very little help, just some guidance here and there and an occasional suggestion. Nice work, Michael!
Here is a little more about this snake:

Monday, April 27, 2015

CRRL Comic Con

I don't know if I have ever mentioned before how much we love our library.  They have the most wonderful of everything, and this year, they put on their first annual Comic Convention, and it was a hit! 
Very cool artwork on the glass 

 Lots of vendors and exhibits

They had a balloon artist, who was a master of his craft.  

He made pretty much anything the kids wanted.  Kate asked for a golden retriever. 

David asked for Batman (check out that cape!)

And, of course, this quirky kid asked for Strong Bad.

Ryan the balloon guy was pretty amazing.  He said that he graduated from college, and he decided that he wanted to travel, so he went to Europe and supported himself by making balloon animals.  Now he does this full-time.  

The kids would have purchased their weight in comic books, but I gently reminded them that comic books were completely free to check out from said library, and we didn't need to buy them to enjoy them.  

Ready for Kindergarten

David is officially registered for Kindergarten next year. 

He went in for his Kindergarten evaluation, and he was able to do it with the same teacher that both Michael and Kate had for Kindergarten.  David thought it was the most fun thing ever.  I really is looking forward to school, and I think he will do great!

Michael's Baseball Team 2015

Michael is playing for the Angels this year, and he is really enjoying baseball.  David can not wait to start t-ball next year.  How in the world are we going to manage 3 teams?
 Jon and I have had to split up a few times and take each kid to their respective games.  

Warming up

 Lefty Michael up to bat.

Kate Plays Softball

Kate began her 1st season of softball this year.  She enjoys it, but she has lots to learn. 
 She is on Team Pride (no, the other teams are not the remaining 6 deadly sins...) ;-)
This is Kate's first hit.  It went foul.  She had to take a timeout because she has never hit the ball before, and she didn't have a tight grip on the bat.  The vibration was unexpected, and she was really quite shaken by it all (pun intended).  They use a manual pitching machine.  

 Kate's first time to try playing catcher.  Isn't she cute.
Apparently, the squatting was a little too much for her delicate frame, so she decided to swap positions before the first pitch of the inning.  

Spring Break 2015

We had a great spring break.  It was the perfect mix of planned and unplanned activity, and the kids really enjoyed it, as did I. 
 Blowing bubbles on the deck, reading books outside

Fun at the park.  Michael played a pick-up game with some kids who were shooting around.  This was right before a big fight broke out on the other court.  Michael learned a new word.  One that I was hoping he would be a little older before he learned it, especially in the multiple contexts in which it was used.  Good times in the 'hood.   

What could be better than a large pile of dirt? 

We went in to DC one day to go to the zoo and to, of course, visit Fuddruckers.  It wouldn't be a Blakemore trip to the city without a burger to remember it by.  We stopped by a house that Jon just finished, and Jon did a little sewer inspection.   

Kate brought a friend along for the day in DC.   

Oversized pizza park 

Brown bear plus 4 

We did see some animals eventually, but the park activities were greatly enjoyed by all. 

6 snug in a truck 

The crew plus one in Chinatown 

And, of course, Fuddruckers (which was packed because we were across the street from the Verizon Center and they had a Caps game that night) 

 We did not have time to visit the National Mall, but we could see quite a few of the full-blood Cherry Blosoms throughout the city.

Lots of made-up games over spring break.  I think this was balloon swords. 

The kids learned how to play Clue.  It was a big hit.  I must humbly brag here that *I* am the reigning champion of Clue.  

We went to visit Gari Melcher's studio at Belmont, as they had free admission day.   It was quite the sunny day, and the kids were not too impressed by the art. 

They looked at the paintings, but perhaps we all could develop a little more art appreciation.  
All in all, it was a fun spring break!

Easter Sunday, 2015

We celebrated Easter this year again with candy and church (always a good combo, right?)
Easter baskets, of which the kids still have candy 

3 Easter Cuties 

I had to work at 3pm, so we came home and had Easter at home instead of going out.  We had mashed potatoes, beans, ham, deviled eggs, and rolls. 

Peanut butter pie for dessert.  Yum!

Girls' Day

Kate and I were able to get away for Girls' Day. 

We went to see the new Cinderella,
which we thoroughly enjoyed.


Misc April Happenings

A few random happenings in April:
Snacks with this kid.  Enjoying my time with him before he begins Kindergarten next year.   

A rainy Saturday of playing electronics 

A few sick days 

It made its way around. 

School projects abound.

Kate submits her proposal for world peace.  

 But first, cupcakes!

And cookies. 

And a few travels to exotic lands, like Florida.  
(check out her map) 
Sir David will protect us all.