Monday, April 27, 2015

CRRL Comic Con

I don't know if I have ever mentioned before how much we love our library.  They have the most wonderful of everything, and this year, they put on their first annual Comic Convention, and it was a hit! 
Very cool artwork on the glass 

 Lots of vendors and exhibits

They had a balloon artist, who was a master of his craft.  

He made pretty much anything the kids wanted.  Kate asked for a golden retriever. 

David asked for Batman (check out that cape!)

And, of course, this quirky kid asked for Strong Bad.

Ryan the balloon guy was pretty amazing.  He said that he graduated from college, and he decided that he wanted to travel, so he went to Europe and supported himself by making balloon animals.  Now he does this full-time.  

The kids would have purchased their weight in comic books, but I gently reminded them that comic books were completely free to check out from said library, and we didn't need to buy them to enjoy them.  

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