Tuesday, June 30, 2015

the ladder by kate

Dad cleaned the gutters, and I went up on high ladder.  Very high.

I like my Kindle: Michael:

I like my kindle, it is fun to play on. I can bring it on road trips.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Heavy Rain by Kate


I like Minecraft by Michael

I like Minecraft a lot. It is my favorite video game.
It is coolest game ever.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Legos by Michael

I really like Legos and building. Me and my friend Noah played Legos a lot.

sad leaving by Kate

Now that the seekins left our house, I am lonely, and I have trouble sleeping. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My drawing by Michael

I like drawing a lot. I also want to be a drawer when I grow up.

the storm by Kate

Yesterday night we had a big storm, and Grace had a hard time sleeping.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

my friends by kate

My friends came over to play and are staying til Wednesday!

My friend Noah by Michael

Me and Noah are friends. We play Nerf gun wars, and we play on the trampoline. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Nerf gun wars:by Michael

We had Nerf gun wars last night with the Seekins. I really liked it.

The seekinses by kate

Our friends the Seekins' came to play until Wednesday!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Jobs

The kids have gotten much more independent as the years have passed.  I mentioned previously that we have been using My Job Chart to help the kids this summer, and it has really been effective.  Here's how it works for us:
The kids know that they are not to come downstairs out of their beds before 7am. Because- ugh...mornings!  I work until midnight, so anything before that is unreasonable, in my opinion.  After 7am, they may come downstairs if they are dressed and their beds are made.  
Then they login to My Job Chart.
Each kid has their own login acct under my parent account. 

Once they login, they have a list of chores that I have chosen for them to accomplish before they can play on their kindles.  They have some activities that they are to accomplish daily, some that are M-F, and some that they do once per week on a day that I assign. 
 This was Kate's list today.
Once they accomplish that task, they click a check mark, and once they are completely finished, they click "I'm Done!" and they get a round of applause.  That means they can play on their kindles until noon.  If they are efficient (and thorough- I check!), they can have a substantial amount of free time on their electronics.  
We are using the Summer Bridge Activities books each morning to make sure they stay sharp for school, plus they have to (get to!) read every day and practice piano.  We are working on their composition and communication by allowing them to contribute to this blog.  Sometimes they need a topic prompt, and I try to make spelling and grammar recommendations, but they are doing it mostly on their own.  David is working on his early reading and penmanship, so he will hopefully contribute in a readable way in a few years. :-)
It's been fun so far this summer.  We've already made 2 trips to the library, and the kids have watched the 1st Star Wars movie (from the library), which they enjoyed.  We tried a TV-free summer last year, and it has helped them to be more productive and creative.  Occasional movies (and Orioles games!) are extra fun now.  
The kids are currently listening to Cheaper By the Dozen in the van, which really makes our time running to-and-fro something to look forward to.  We have a long list of audio books that we plan to conquer this summer, and we've already listened to Stuart Little, The Phantom Tollbooth, Number the Stars, Little House on the Prairie, The Magician's Nephew, The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Where the Red Fern Grown, and a few others that I am forgetting.

Lego building is happening now.  Daddy is about to take the reigns now as I head to work.  
The Seekins come tomorrow for a visit!  We are so excited.    

Library by kate

I went to the Library and read lots and lots of books. We had lots and lots of fun. I love the library! I read lots of Charlie Brown.

My friends are coming over: by Michael

My friends are coming on Saturday. Their names are Noah, Ben, and Grace. I cannot wait to play with them.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hobbies, by Kate

My hobbies are reading, writing  and crafting.    I made a fan out of Michael's old kirigami. I like eating ice cream. I like the book peanuts charlie brown.                                                

My Baseball season by:Michael

During our last baseball game, we had to play so hard. First, Isum got hit so hard his helmet flew off. Then C.J. hit a triple.The final score was... 9-7! We won and get to go the CHAMPIONSHIP! The championship is on Saturday.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Stuff I like:by MICHAEL

I am a Star Wars fan and I like drawing stuff like caricatures and cartoons. I also like riding my bike and my scooter. I like reading books and comics. I also like playing my Xbox.I also like playing Soccer, Baseball, Football, and Basketball. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Beginnings

The kids are rolling right on into summertime.  
We're again using My Job Chart for chores and responsibilities, since the kids are a little older and able to manage it themselves.  They logon in the morning and find what their chores will be for that day, and then the do them.  When their chores are done in the morning, they have free time on electronics until lunch.  It seems to be working out well, and they have done a great job since we started on Saturday. 

We ran a few errands yesterday to get some ideas for the boys' room.  They have decided that they are too mature for the cowboy theme they currently have.  It was decided that a combo of vintage cars and sports will be the new theme, and so we start saving and scouring to outfit their room for $25 total.  Old garage signs, old-fashioned baseball stuff, an old stoplight (yes, they want a stoplight) are a few things that we will keep on the look-out to purchase.  We might need to hit some garage sales, since Hobby Lobby, And That, & Target had some pricier items that we decided to wait on. 

Kate's game was cancelled last night.  We headed for the field right as I got an emergency alert on my phone of a severe thunderstorm warning.  We arrived at the field to see everyone who was warming up then head to their vehicles, since lightning began.  A few minutes later, we headed home.  The rain came down in sheets.  Visibility was low on Route 1, and I had our flashers on so no one would hit us from behind, as we were going about 25-35 MPH.   The kids were a little frightened, but we ended up getting home without having to pull over.  We did go through lots of standing water, as the roadways were flooded and required us to drive in the (clear) opposite lane to get past.  It lasted a short time, but the blast of rain was more than the roadways (and our front yard mulch) could handle.  
We are glad for safety.  

Today, we had our small group Bible Study in the morning and the kids got friend time.  We had lunch in the van, then piano lessons.  Kate had her 2nd lesson, and she seems to really enjoy it.  Michael is progressing well.  Now, the kids are watching a movie (Stuart Little- it's what we are almost finished listening to in the van), since it's close to 100 outside, and we're saving our energy for Michael's baseball practice tonight.  He plays tomorrow to see if he team will play in the championship.  

The big storm by kate

Yesterday we had a  BIG storm , It was raining hard and lighting zapped and thunder crashed. We were glad and thankful to God we had a strong house.  It was just a bad day (but not for God he's always happy.) My softball game was canceled cause of the storm.

The giant rainstorm:by Michael

We had a GIANT rainstorm last night and there were drainpipes flooding and cars skidding madly not to crash. It must have been the scariest rainstorm in my life so far. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

june 15, 2015 my fun day, by Kate

I had a very fun day. I have a softball game later tonight. I have a piano lesson tomorrow, too! (my second  lesson) Today  was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My last day of third grade : by Michael

My last day of third grade was pretty awesome. I kinda knew it was going to be really cool when I walked into the room. First, a bunch of people had brought their tablets and kindles. Second, the loudspeaker said there would a 5th grader vs. Teachers kickball game. Finally, we had a party and watched a movie called Hoot. I also got an end of the year gift from Roman, and the gift was a bunch of Pokemon cards. So as I say: no more math-work, no more books, no more teachers, no dirty looks. 

First Day of Summer Break

We have had a wonderful start to our summer break.  
First day of school vs last day of school. 
We now have a 4th grader, a 2nd grader, and a kindergartner

On Friday, after a half-day of school, we went right to visit Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle David to see them and to play in their community pool.    
The kids enjoyed playing in the pool, even though Kate and David were a little skittish at first. 

Aunt Elizabeth provided delicious frozen treats afterward. It was a hot one!

Afterward, we decided to go to dinner out with our family of 5.  We thought that a new Sonic had opened this week, and when we went by, it was packed.  There was an attendant near the entrance that stopped us and said that it was friends & family day of the workers, which was the last day of training before they opened.  We were going to go somewhere else, but the guy said we could go ahead and order.  After we ordered, the lady told us that since it was Friends & Family Day, the meal was free. So we enjoyed our free Sonic Dinner!  Yummy!  
Saturday and Sunday,  I had to work, so Daddy took the kids to parties on both days.  Saturday was the annual church picnic (which included a pool party), and Sunday was Michael's baseball party (which was also a pool party). 
Michael's baseball team has progressed through the playoffs, and they play on Wednesday night to see if they will make it to the Minor League Championship game.  So exciting.  

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Blogging

This summer, we have lots of plans.  We have places to visit, people to see, a road trip to travel, camps, VBS, Museums, and tons of other things.  One of the activities we have planned is to have the kids start journaling on this blog (hopefully they will be more consistent at it than I am!).  Hopefully, this will be a fun activity for them, but also, it will help them to become better writers.  So plan so see more on here in the near future.  


Active Activities-
KD's Kidz World (Bounce Houses)
Parks- playgrounds, hiking, bikes
Sprinkler, home kiddie pool

Potomac Nationals baseball game
Complete Stafford Trailblazers booklet, including-
Ferry Farm (4th of July)

Vacation Bible School @Our church
VBS with friends
Michael has FOCUS camp for 2 weeks- Create Your Own Treehouse (design/build) and Roller Coasters (math, physics, fun!)
Vacation- Road Trip (including, but not limited to Ohio, Chicago, Omaha, and much more!)

More May/June Happenings

Michael finished his 2nd piano recital (having trouble uploading the video because of size, but I will try to get both parts up!) 
2015 piano students of Anna Garlem.  Kate started her first lesson last week, since she will begin 2nd grade in the fall.  She was so excited, and she has already practiced a lot. 

On Memorial Day, we went to see the Rappahannock Pops Orchestra perform their outdoor Memorial Day concert.
Listening to the concert, running around, and enjoying the warm evening.

It was a very well-done and enjoyable concert.  Kate got to march with some other kids carrying flags during one of the songs.  She was delighted!

 The Fredericksburg National Cemetery always puts out luminaries, and we went by to see.  It was quite crowded, so we just drove by.  
They had over 15,000 luminaries, each representing a soldier buried there.  

Savoring my last few days alone with this guy! 

Kate got together with a few friends from school to make cookies and lemonade to sell for Kids' Day at the Fredericksburg Farmer's Market.   They donated their (meager) earnings to the SPCA.  It was fun, and we enjoyed it very much.

Michael won the game ball during his 2nd playoff game for the Stafford Baseball League Minor Division Championships.  They play again tonight in the semifinals.  Michael got hit by a pitch early on in the season, and he has been a skittish batter since.  Last game, he stayed in the batter's box and he got a hit!  Great job, Michael!  This might be Michael's last baseball season, so we're glad he is finishing well.

Kate enjoyed softball early on, but she has decided that this will also be her last season.  It was fun to try, and we will be glad for a simpler spring next year.  

 David has enjoyed tagging along for Michael and Kate's games.  He always finds something fun to do and someone to do it with.  They decided that this pitching stop would make a good swing. 

 Kate had 2 fun activities this week at class that I was able to attend.  On Monday, she had her writer's celebration, and she read her original essay on her rabbit.  On Tuesday, she was Pig #2 in her class production of The 3 Little Pigs.  All the other parents went all Pinterest-y for their masks and ears, but poor Kate's non-crafty mom took a pink sharpie to an old applesauce container to make her a pig nose.  She loved it, so I'm happy.  

May Happenings

The school year is winding down, and we have been planning our summer adventures.  The kids have a half-day on Friday, then summer begins.  I will then have a 4th grader, a 2nd grader, and a kindergarten-er.  How can that be?!
Lovely days mean lots of outside time, even if it's just relocating for reading.

I've been busy with work and keeping up with the kids that my own reading has suffered.  I'm thinking that summer will not afford much time to catch up.  

Michael got first place in the math contest for school. 

He also got a math award for being a Marvelous Mathematician.  Jon was proud.  
Speaking of awards, both Michael and Kate had perfect attendance this year.  We're thankful for good health! 

David has been getting ready for Kindergarten
We attended the Kindergarten Readiness Day at the CMoR Fredericksburg, and he got to do lots of fun things to help him get ready.

They had a really cool Lego display, and you can actually attend Lego camp.  Fun. 

They had a real teacher come and take the kids to Circle Time. 

David got to do some math manipulatives.  David LOVES numbers.  He has been our latest one to read, but he has an intense love for numbers. 

 Practicing sitting on the bus
David is ready!  Here he comes, Kindergarten!

Poor Kate had a really bad case of poison ivy.  She was a tough girl, though, and she managed to suffer through and survive. 

So itchy! 

The kids are always getting special treats from Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle David.  We have a special treat for the kids on the last day of school, which includes a trip to see them!