Monday, June 15, 2015

First Day of Summer Break

We have had a wonderful start to our summer break.  
First day of school vs last day of school. 
We now have a 4th grader, a 2nd grader, and a kindergartner

On Friday, after a half-day of school, we went right to visit Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle David to see them and to play in their community pool.    
The kids enjoyed playing in the pool, even though Kate and David were a little skittish at first. 

Aunt Elizabeth provided delicious frozen treats afterward. It was a hot one!

Afterward, we decided to go to dinner out with our family of 5.  We thought that a new Sonic had opened this week, and when we went by, it was packed.  There was an attendant near the entrance that stopped us and said that it was friends & family day of the workers, which was the last day of training before they opened.  We were going to go somewhere else, but the guy said we could go ahead and order.  After we ordered, the lady told us that since it was Friends & Family Day, the meal was free. So we enjoyed our free Sonic Dinner!  Yummy!  
Saturday and Sunday,  I had to work, so Daddy took the kids to parties on both days.  Saturday was the annual church picnic (which included a pool party), and Sunday was Michael's baseball party (which was also a pool party). 
Michael's baseball team has progressed through the playoffs, and they play on Wednesday night to see if they will make it to the Minor League Championship game.  So exciting.  

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