Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More May/June Happenings

Michael finished his 2nd piano recital (having trouble uploading the video because of size, but I will try to get both parts up!) 
2015 piano students of Anna Garlem.  Kate started her first lesson last week, since she will begin 2nd grade in the fall.  She was so excited, and she has already practiced a lot. 

On Memorial Day, we went to see the Rappahannock Pops Orchestra perform their outdoor Memorial Day concert.
Listening to the concert, running around, and enjoying the warm evening.

It was a very well-done and enjoyable concert.  Kate got to march with some other kids carrying flags during one of the songs.  She was delighted!

 The Fredericksburg National Cemetery always puts out luminaries, and we went by to see.  It was quite crowded, so we just drove by.  
They had over 15,000 luminaries, each representing a soldier buried there.  

Savoring my last few days alone with this guy! 

Kate got together with a few friends from school to make cookies and lemonade to sell for Kids' Day at the Fredericksburg Farmer's Market.   They donated their (meager) earnings to the SPCA.  It was fun, and we enjoyed it very much.

Michael won the game ball during his 2nd playoff game for the Stafford Baseball League Minor Division Championships.  They play again tonight in the semifinals.  Michael got hit by a pitch early on in the season, and he has been a skittish batter since.  Last game, he stayed in the batter's box and he got a hit!  Great job, Michael!  This might be Michael's last baseball season, so we're glad he is finishing well.

Kate enjoyed softball early on, but she has decided that this will also be her last season.  It was fun to try, and we will be glad for a simpler spring next year.  

 David has enjoyed tagging along for Michael and Kate's games.  He always finds something fun to do and someone to do it with.  They decided that this pitching stop would make a good swing. 

 Kate had 2 fun activities this week at class that I was able to attend.  On Monday, she had her writer's celebration, and she read her original essay on her rabbit.  On Tuesday, she was Pig #2 in her class production of The 3 Little Pigs.  All the other parents went all Pinterest-y for their masks and ears, but poor Kate's non-crafty mom took a pink sharpie to an old applesauce container to make her a pig nose.  She loved it, so I'm happy.  

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