Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Beginnings

The kids are rolling right on into summertime.  
We're again using My Job Chart for chores and responsibilities, since the kids are a little older and able to manage it themselves.  They logon in the morning and find what their chores will be for that day, and then the do them.  When their chores are done in the morning, they have free time on electronics until lunch.  It seems to be working out well, and they have done a great job since we started on Saturday. 

We ran a few errands yesterday to get some ideas for the boys' room.  They have decided that they are too mature for the cowboy theme they currently have.  It was decided that a combo of vintage cars and sports will be the new theme, and so we start saving and scouring to outfit their room for $25 total.  Old garage signs, old-fashioned baseball stuff, an old stoplight (yes, they want a stoplight) are a few things that we will keep on the look-out to purchase.  We might need to hit some garage sales, since Hobby Lobby, And That, & Target had some pricier items that we decided to wait on. 

Kate's game was cancelled last night.  We headed for the field right as I got an emergency alert on my phone of a severe thunderstorm warning.  We arrived at the field to see everyone who was warming up then head to their vehicles, since lightning began.  A few minutes later, we headed home.  The rain came down in sheets.  Visibility was low on Route 1, and I had our flashers on so no one would hit us from behind, as we were going about 25-35 MPH.   The kids were a little frightened, but we ended up getting home without having to pull over.  We did go through lots of standing water, as the roadways were flooded and required us to drive in the (clear) opposite lane to get past.  It lasted a short time, but the blast of rain was more than the roadways (and our front yard mulch) could handle.  
We are glad for safety.  

Today, we had our small group Bible Study in the morning and the kids got friend time.  We had lunch in the van, then piano lessons.  Kate had her 2nd lesson, and she seems to really enjoy it.  Michael is progressing well.  Now, the kids are watching a movie (Stuart Little- it's what we are almost finished listening to in the van), since it's close to 100 outside, and we're saving our energy for Michael's baseball practice tonight.  He plays tomorrow to see if he team will play in the championship.  

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