Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Blogging

This summer, we have lots of plans.  We have places to visit, people to see, a road trip to travel, camps, VBS, Museums, and tons of other things.  One of the activities we have planned is to have the kids start journaling on this blog (hopefully they will be more consistent at it than I am!).  Hopefully, this will be a fun activity for them, but also, it will help them to become better writers.  So plan so see more on here in the near future.  


Active Activities-
KD's Kidz World (Bounce Houses)
Parks- playgrounds, hiking, bikes
Sprinkler, home kiddie pool

Potomac Nationals baseball game
Complete Stafford Trailblazers booklet, including-
Ferry Farm (4th of July)

Vacation Bible School @Our church
VBS with friends
Michael has FOCUS camp for 2 weeks- Create Your Own Treehouse (design/build) and Roller Coasters (math, physics, fun!)
Vacation- Road Trip (including, but not limited to Ohio, Chicago, Omaha, and much more!)

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