Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Jobs

The kids have gotten much more independent as the years have passed.  I mentioned previously that we have been using My Job Chart to help the kids this summer, and it has really been effective.  Here's how it works for us:
The kids know that they are not to come downstairs out of their beds before 7am. Because- ugh...mornings!  I work until midnight, so anything before that is unreasonable, in my opinion.  After 7am, they may come downstairs if they are dressed and their beds are made.  
Then they login to My Job Chart.
Each kid has their own login acct under my parent account. 

Once they login, they have a list of chores that I have chosen for them to accomplish before they can play on their kindles.  They have some activities that they are to accomplish daily, some that are M-F, and some that they do once per week on a day that I assign. 
 This was Kate's list today.
Once they accomplish that task, they click a check mark, and once they are completely finished, they click "I'm Done!" and they get a round of applause.  That means they can play on their kindles until noon.  If they are efficient (and thorough- I check!), they can have a substantial amount of free time on their electronics.  
We are using the Summer Bridge Activities books each morning to make sure they stay sharp for school, plus they have to (get to!) read every day and practice piano.  We are working on their composition and communication by allowing them to contribute to this blog.  Sometimes they need a topic prompt, and I try to make spelling and grammar recommendations, but they are doing it mostly on their own.  David is working on his early reading and penmanship, so he will hopefully contribute in a readable way in a few years. :-)
It's been fun so far this summer.  We've already made 2 trips to the library, and the kids have watched the 1st Star Wars movie (from the library), which they enjoyed.  We tried a TV-free summer last year, and it has helped them to be more productive and creative.  Occasional movies (and Orioles games!) are extra fun now.  
The kids are currently listening to Cheaper By the Dozen in the van, which really makes our time running to-and-fro something to look forward to.  We have a long list of audio books that we plan to conquer this summer, and we've already listened to Stuart Little, The Phantom Tollbooth, Number the Stars, Little House on the Prairie, The Magician's Nephew, The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Where the Red Fern Grown, and a few others that I am forgetting.

Lego building is happening now.  Daddy is about to take the reigns now as I head to work.  
The Seekins come tomorrow for a visit!  We are so excited.    

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