Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Summer Update

We have been thoroughly enjoying our summer.  

Michael finished up his last season of baseball with a championship game.  
In a tense, nail-biting game, the Angels finished in 2nd place in the Stafford Baseball Minor League.  

 Michael accepts his 2nd place trophy

1st place went to the Yankees, and 2nd place went to the Angels. 


 Great teamwork, boys.  It was an enjoyable season!

We've had 2 opportunities to visit the Tyes and swim in their community pool.  We always enjoy our time with them, and we're thankful that they put up with our energy and noise. :-)

Michael is getting to be a much more confident swimmer, and David & Kate are learning the basics with their floaties.  Look at David out there in the 5ft area (green floatie) kicking away.  

Relaxing at Target 

My 3 summer companions 

 Kate is enjoying piano practice.  

The kids sometimes invade my room to read on my bed.   

But no place is a bad place for reading. 

Fort construction has been a fun activity for the rainy days (of which we have had too many!) 

Lunch at Carlos O'Kelley's after Sunday church
Kate lost her 4th tooth last week, and she looks adorable! 

Michael has been a great help as he grows and learns more responsibility.  Here he is helping Daddy clean the gutters.  This is a huge accomplishment for Michael, as he is not a fan of heights (read: deathly afraid)!  Nice job overcoming this, Michael!

 Kate, at the encouragement of Daddy, climbed the ladder and did very well.  Don't worry, Jon is just barely out of frame on the above picture, so no children were endangered  during "heights training."

Bugs!  Summer Fun!

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