Friday, February 19, 2016

2nd Quarter Awards

The older kids had their 2nd quarter awards this week.
 Perfect attendance for this sweet 2nd grader (who would have gone to school on snow days if she were allowed). Kate, we are proud of your diligence and love for learning.

Congrats, Michael. You are a wondrous writer and an accelerated reader. We are proud of your hard work this year.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More Snow Days

We had yet another snow storm dare to show it's winter-y face, despite the groundhog's prediction of an early spring.  
We got 6-7 inches, topped with a frosty layer of glistening ice.  The kids were already slated for Monday at home for President's Day, but they got an additional day of Tuesday, and a free 2-hr pass this morning (Wednesday).  Thankfully, we had some warmer weather and rain come through shortly after the snowfall, so the majority of the snow is almost gone.  

We enjoyed the extra time at home.  We played some games & watched movies.  Kate made 1001 crafts.  The boys had some fierce competitions on the XBox Kinect.  Michael had some outside fun with his friend down the street while the rest of us stayed inside, nice and warm.  
To echo my daughter's (adorably worded) sentiment- COME QUICKLY, SPRING!

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Winter Pics continued

A little brotherly love

A sure sign that you're getting old

Michael got a popcicle-maker for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa.  Yummy homemade popcicles!

Winter reading

I had to work Christmas Eve, so the family came to hang out with me on my break. 

We attended the Rappahannock Pops Orchestra Christmas concert again this year with Uncle David and Aunt Elizabeth. 

A Few Winter Pics

I was able to go on a few field trips with the kids this year, and we have had lots of fun.  Kate's 2nd grade class did a social studies series on Native Americans, and we were able to visit the Patawomeck Village that was replicated at Hartwood Elementary by an Eagle Scout.  It was a good learning activity.  
VIDEO of the village that we visited

David celebrated the first Thanksgiving with a feast in Kindergarten.

Michael turned 10 on November 30th.  We celebrated with apple pie and a nerf gun war with the neighborhood friends. 

Michael's Focus group went on a field trip to the Air & Space Museum on the National Mall in DC.  They reinforced the unit of study on the Forces of Flight. 

The kids sang some lovely Christmas music for our church Christmas Party, led by my musically-talented friend Amy. 

David is thriving in Kindergarten.  He loves the routines and the structure of a classroom, and he is learning so much.  I miss him during the day, but I'm glad he loves school so much. 

Speaking of school, David is coming along well with his reading.  He prefers math, but he is learning to love reading, too.  

We had Christmas dinner her at home this year, as we were unable to travel.  I would call it a relatively quiet Christmas, but that would not be true, as we rarely do "quiet." 

We really have loved having Jon's uncle and aunt nearby. We love them dearly, and they graciously overlook our loudness and our deficiency in manners. 

Michael qualified for the annual National Geographic Geography Bee at school.  He did a great job & studied hard, and he made it to the semi-final round.  
His friend Sean won the in-school contest and will have a chance to qualify for the state competition.  Great job, Sean!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

A Few Fall 2015 Pictures

Since I have been a bad blogger, here are a few happenings that I have failed to blog:

David has quite the mechanical mind.  He enjoyed disassembling and playing with the internal parts of an old laptop.   

Play hard, sleep hard 

There is a Michael under there. 

Dainty Kate sleeps so delicately. 

Upward flag football, Fall 2015 

Upward flag football, Fall 2015  

Kate's 2nd grade awards 

Innumerable trips to the library 

This girl would love to live in the craft store.  

Pumpkin patch field trip 

@ Westmoreland Farm 

Feeding the goats 

NOT loving the picture posing! 

Fall in our front yard 

Kate turned 8 

Kate and Morgan celebrating at Pots & Palettes 

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit, and it was very timely, as Kate celebrated her birthday in October, and I caught a random case of pneumonia that knocked me out for a while.  They were a great help! 

Halloween 2015 

The fall concert for the Rappahannock Pops Orchestra had a mini-version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  It was very enjoyable.

Blizzard of January 2016

The weathermen accurately called a pretty severe snow storm right near the end of January.  We ended up with 23 inches.  School was out for 7 consecutive school days (which was 1 day shy of a 2nd Christmas break!)
 Lots of blowing caused snow to pile up all over the front porch

Front stairs 

Let the shoveling commence! 

The house looks really pretty covered in snow. 

We had to shovel out so I could make it to work.   

Sunshine helps the blacktop to melt the snow 

It took me, Jon, & Michael 3 hours of shoveling to get the van free, and then Jon spent an additional 3 hours freeing the truck.

This was our street when I headed to work on Sunday. 

Blog Reclaimed

Michael and Kate now have their own blogs, so I guess I should start blogging again.  What started as an attempt for the kids to improve their composition skills over the summer turned into an entertaining new enterprise for the 2 older kids.  They love having their own space to share their thoughts and experiences.  I promise you will laugh.  Check them out.
Michael's Blog
Kate's Blog
Also, I placed links on the sidebar for easy access.