Thursday, February 04, 2016

A Few Winter Pics

I was able to go on a few field trips with the kids this year, and we have had lots of fun.  Kate's 2nd grade class did a social studies series on Native Americans, and we were able to visit the Patawomeck Village that was replicated at Hartwood Elementary by an Eagle Scout.  It was a good learning activity.  
VIDEO of the village that we visited

David celebrated the first Thanksgiving with a feast in Kindergarten.

Michael turned 10 on November 30th.  We celebrated with apple pie and a nerf gun war with the neighborhood friends. 

Michael's Focus group went on a field trip to the Air & Space Museum on the National Mall in DC.  They reinforced the unit of study on the Forces of Flight. 

The kids sang some lovely Christmas music for our church Christmas Party, led by my musically-talented friend Amy. 

David is thriving in Kindergarten.  He loves the routines and the structure of a classroom, and he is learning so much.  I miss him during the day, but I'm glad he loves school so much. 

Speaking of school, David is coming along well with his reading.  He prefers math, but he is learning to love reading, too.  

We had Christmas dinner her at home this year, as we were unable to travel.  I would call it a relatively quiet Christmas, but that would not be true, as we rarely do "quiet." 

We really have loved having Jon's uncle and aunt nearby. We love them dearly, and they graciously overlook our loudness and our deficiency in manners. 

Michael qualified for the annual National Geographic Geography Bee at school.  He did a great job & studied hard, and he made it to the semi-final round.  
His friend Sean won the in-school contest and will have a chance to qualify for the state competition.  Great job, Sean!

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