Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More Snow Days

We had yet another snow storm dare to show it's winter-y face, despite the groundhog's prediction of an early spring.  
We got 6-7 inches, topped with a frosty layer of glistening ice.  The kids were already slated for Monday at home for President's Day, but they got an additional day of Tuesday, and a free 2-hr pass this morning (Wednesday).  Thankfully, we had some warmer weather and rain come through shortly after the snowfall, so the majority of the snow is almost gone.  

We enjoyed the extra time at home.  We played some games & watched movies.  Kate made 1001 crafts.  The boys had some fierce competitions on the XBox Kinect.  Michael had some outside fun with his friend down the street while the rest of us stayed inside, nice and warm.  
To echo my daughter's (adorably worded) sentiment- COME QUICKLY, SPRING!

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