Friday, May 06, 2016

Easter 2016 & White House Easter Egg Roll

We celebrated Resurrection Day at church on Easter morning.  
 Michael 10, Kate 8, David 5
5 Blakemores 

We had a nice dinner together, the we made resurrection rolls. 

 The Day after Easter, we headed up to the White House for the Easter Egg Roll.  Our elementary principal obtained some tickets and had a lottery to hand them out to families in the school.  Our family won!
We got up there late because we got just about to Quantico and I realized that I had forgotten the tickets.  But they still let us in.  

Fun games upon entry 

It started out rainy, then overcast, but the day cleared up nicely.  

It stayed cool, but it got quite sunny. 

The fountain on the south lawn 

We listened to a live concert by Daya (and her recent radio hit "Hideaway") 

Farm exhibit 

Go, farmers! 

 Farmer Kate 

Farm to table 

3 kiddos on the White House south lawn 

Healthy Michelle Obama snacks (that we later washed down with Fuddruckers burgers)   

Frisbee on the lawn 

Don't mind the heavily armed guards and the snipers on the roof 

We got to do some extra playing outside waiting for Jon.  He dropped us off at the entrance, then he went to park the van.  He had to wait for the next group to be let in.  They they had the shooting at the Capitol that day, so they delayed entry to his group.  I figure we were probably in the safest place in DC at this point.   

Running & having fun 

White House tag 

Waiting for the Egg Roll 

 Blakemore Family 5 

Preparing to roll eggs 


The kids were unimpressed with using a wooden spoon to push an Easter egg.  Oh well.  

They really enjoyed the trees.  Michael really wanted to climb one of the president's trees, but he decided not to when he spotted the snipers on the roof.  
We saw a pile of football players in jerseys, but I couldn't tell you who they were.  Also, I'm sure we saw some other famous people, but we were oblivious.  We did not get to see the 1st family, as they had already made their appearance by the time we arrived.

 David was pretty wiped out at the end of the day.  
What a fun, unique opportunity!

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Dot/Paul said...

Karen - thanks for adding to your blog. We really enjoyed seeing all the photos.