Friday, May 06, 2016

Eventful Spring

We have been quite busy this spring with events and activities.  Here are a few other things:
 Rainy day Lego fun

A round of Strep which led to a trip to the peds office.  Michael is now on Round #2. 

Kate loving on her Daddy 

And making art from anything she can find

We went to a production of The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe, thanks to the kindness of Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle David.  The kids really enjoyed it! 

It was well-done. 

A little long, but pretty true to the book.  

Kate has taken over our garden.  The kids were hunting for worms, and they found this slithering "worm."  We think it is an Eastern Worm Snake

Say "Cheessssssssssse" 

 We went to the Stafford Science & Engineering Festival.  It was pouring and a nasty day, but we still had fun. 

 Touring the cockpit a WW2 plane.
They had astronaut Tom Jones present, a Lego building contest, a motorcycle show, & a gaming trailer, to name a few things. 

 The STEM festival also had a presentation from Reptiles Alive!  

Kate had a great day last weekend when she got both a sister and a pet.  She made her sister from paper, and she found a caterpillar (which she later released, since she was concerned that he might miss his family.) 

Awards assemblies for both Michael and Kate's classes at school  

Michael participated in the Focus Festival for Stafford County Public School to present his Independent Study project that he has worked on all year.  He did a "Living Wax Museum" project where he had to do a power point, a display board, and a monologue (as George himself).  He worked very hard on this project, and we are very proud of his hard work.  BTW, in the picture above, that bowl contains George C Marsh-mallows.  :-)  Michael's Focus teacher is absolutely amazing, and we have been so impressed with the work she has done to teach Michael to be a great learner.  

 The Focus Festival had a lot of advanced projects.  One of the SCPS high school students presents his musical work, and he let the kids take a turn.  David LOVED the drums.  (Don't get any ideas.  We do NOT want a set of drums...)

Michael's Focus group

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