Tuesday, June 28, 2016

End of School Year 2015-2016

The kids finished up their school year on June 15th.  
 Done with 4th, 2nd, & Kindergarten

David got the Responsibility Award from his teacher.  David is a great student, and he absolutely loves math.  1st grade will be a treat for him, as he adores the routine and structure of school. This lovely lady above taught kindergarten to all 3 Blakemores, and we can't thank her enough for getting our kids off to a great start in school!
Kate got into the accelerated program that starts in 3rd grade.  She is an excellent reader and has very high verbal scores.  Kate really wanted to get into the program, because she loves seeing all the projects that Michael has been assigned, and she wants to do them, too.  It helps that the FOCUS teacher is absolutely amazing!  
Michael will be a 5th grader next year, and he was voted "Most Likely to be President" by his classmates.  He is a natural leader, and we look forward to seeing these skills develop.  He did great on his VA SOLs, and we're proud of the progress he has made this year!

My handsome hubby playing guitar. 

Kate has some plans for making money this summer.  

But the boys have been bugging her this summer.  Anyone with girls her age want to move to the neighborhood?

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