Friday, July 29, 2016

Florida 2016

We headed to Florida for vacation this year.  
 We managed to make the 13 hour trips both in single days.  The kids are becoming amazing travelers.  This is one of our stops to eat at Zakbys.   

Do what you need to do for entertainment.  The kids played on their kindles and had a Harry Potter movie marathon. 

Our friends the Scantlins were gracious hosts to my loud family for a week.  They get a medal.  Florida is hot in July.  Virginia is hot in July.  But Florida has a lot of pools, which makes the hot a lot better.  
Kate officially learned to swim this week in Florida.  

Brandy introduced the kids to her Get-Along shirt for when they argue. :-) 

We did not go in the Disney Parks, but we enjoyed the free stuff they had to offer.  Riding the monorail. 

Enjoying some A/C & Dole Whips at the Polynesian Resort 

3 Blakemores and 3 Scantlins.  Love these girls! 

Disney hats (that we promptly put back on the shelves after a picture) 

Visiting the Grand Floridian Resort

Inside the Grand Floridian
We noticed that the beach line now has a large plastic barrier along the shore to prevent furure alligator incidents. 

Enjoying the Disney bath & body shop @ The Grand Floridian

Bath bomb demonstration 

Monorail transport 

We ate dinner at Disney's Contemporary Resort.  Love the Scantlins!

We got to meet up with Melanie and Erik, who were in town for a wedding.  They introduced the kids to Pokemon Go.   

Pulse Nightclub, where the shooting took place just a few weeks before our visit.   

We also were able to visit (on separate occasions) with my college friend Tiffany & also with Judy.  We had such a wonderful time that I forgot to take pictures.  Judy lives at Edgewood Children's Ranch (picture of the playground above), which is a wonderful ministry to troubled children in Orlando.  Check out their page to learn about the great work they are doing for families in the Orlando area.  It was wonderful to catch up with Judy, and she introduced us to the card game Scum.  If you visit, we will teach you!
It was also lovely to catch up with Tiffany and her family, too!  As my oldest son informed me, I have the BEST college friends.

Nothing like the Florida sky!  
Wonderful memories and amazing friends!